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Dealing with the Past and Advocacy Program 2022-2025

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  • Transitional justice monitoring
  • Advocacy
  • Memory activism


Dealing with the Past and Advocacy Program will focus on structured and continuous monitoring and public advocacy within the topics related to monitoring public policies and institutional approaches and concrete implementation of transitional justice mechanisms within the framework of responsible dealing with the legacy of the 1990s wars in Croatia.

Among other things, Initiative’s role of human rights watch-dog will include monitoring the implementation of international documents and laws in the field of protection and realization of the rights of civilian victims of war, behavior of high state officials towards convicted war criminals, attitudes of high state officials towards war crimes during military police operations, creation of policies of remembrance in relation to unmarked and neglected places of suffering, application of the constitutional law for protection and promotion of the rights of national minorities, interstate and interethnic cooperation within the contribution to reconciliation policies.

We will seek opportunities to work with YIHR regional offices, but also with other partners with whom we share values ​​and vision in respecting and advocating for human rights, In the next strategic period, special attention in the design and implementation of activities will be focused on raising public awareness, educating young people and advocacy in relation to the involvement of the Croatian military and political leadership in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1994) and responsibility for war crimes committed in the framework of a joint criminal enterprise and in the framework of the international armed conflict between Croatia and BiH.

Through memorialization activities at the national and regional level, we will address the events that marked the 1990s, which were deliberately bypassed by nationalist dominant narratives of memory and are an obstacle to better connecting once closely related societies. memories by providing an opportunity for decision-makers and senior officials to take good approaches to building a culture of remembrance from civil society.


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